Naked TEAL - For you! - With you! - Be there!

We are TEAL, a young start-up doing system integration. And we want to embark on a unique journey with you, our fans, followers, friends, readers, future employees, editors and many, many more from the community who may not even know us today: The journey to the first virtual IT consulting company in Germany Our goal: We want to become a maximum at...
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Teal Blog

As an IT consulting company specializing in infrastructure and cloud technologies, we were able to gain a lot of experience in the planning and implementation of IT projects for major clients. Through our blog, we want to pass on the acquired knowledge in order to allow as many people as possible to participate in our experiences. We will start wit...
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Naked TEAL - Für Euch! – Mit Euch! – Seid dabei!

Wir sind TEAL, ein junges Start-up aus der Systemintegration. Und wir wollen uns mit Euch, unseren Fans, Followern, Freunden, Lesern, künftigen Mitarbeitern, Redakteuren und vielen, vielen mehr aus der Community, die uns heute vielleicht noch gar nicht kennen, auf eine einzigartige Reise begeben: Die Reise zur ersten virtuellen IT-Beratung in Deuts...
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