Our philosophy

Our philosophy

TEAL – Origin and philosophy

The ability to create something new and to really make a difference as independent entrepreneurs was the incentive for us – Manuel Hoffmann, Fabian Böhm and Alexander Schmitt – to found TEAL Technology GmbH in early 2017. Long-standing professional experience in a large, globally active consulting firm focusing on large-scale client projects with Microsoft technologies forms the basis on which we continue to build our company.

TEAL is a self-organising company. Our ambition to create something ourselves and to make a difference should also apply to our employees. That is why all TEAL employees have the freedom to act independently and to make their own decisions based on their expertise. This requires intensive dialogue with colleagues, though it’s not necessarily a consensus. We want to establish processes and procedures that give every employee the freedom to make effective decisions within their sphere of influence and to design their own work area. In our opinion, this is the only way for the individual competences of our employees to fully unfold and come to fruition. An invaluable asset for every business.

We want to establish such a company. We firmly believe that decisions should be made where they have the greatest impact. We understand that in order to achieve our goal, we need to constantly evolve, both as individuals as well as a company overall. We have the courage tackle things pragmatically and, if necessary, to adjust previously made decisions. We expect every employee to contribute to the development of the company and take responsibility.


TEAL – Our values

Three core values shape the basis for our corporate management: "integrity" "partnership" and "success". Find out more about our core values below and how we understand them today. Every employee is invited and even asked to expand and improve our system of values.


  • We stick with our values and convictions and act upon them at all times.
  • We consistently achieve a high level of performance. Our clients and colleagues can rely on us.
  • We treat each other with respect at all times. We only say things about colleagues that we would also say to their faces.

  • All of our colleagues are exceptionally good at what they do and highly efficient within the collaboration. We can achieve more together than any of us as an individual.
  • We share knowledge openly and proactively.
  • We prioritise the people over the process. If necessary, the process gets adjusted.


  • Our actions are always focused on the long-term success of our clients. We strive to be a trusted advisor to every client.
  • We lead our customers to long-term success using innovative solutions and leading-edge technologies.
  • We strive to become the best we can be. We expect this of ourselves as well as our colleagues. We don’t shy away from suggesting opportunities for improvement to colleagues and from offering our help.
  • We focus our energy on ventures that will create value for us and our clients. We endeavour to shorten necessary tasks that bring no added value as much as possible by automating and outsourcing them and through the use of tools.