Provider Management in the context of out-tasking - A report from the field

IT out-tasking is still a popular tool in IT management. As this form of outsourcing is often used, we would like to share our experience with you. In these articles we try to reflect practical experience from a general point of view, less the classical theory of outsourcing or out-tasking. Our articles are based on the illustrated cycle. It is imp...
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Teal Blog

As an IT consulting company specializing in infrastructure and cloud technologies, we were able to gain a lot of experience in the planning and implementation of IT projects for major clients. Through our blog, we want to pass on the acquired knowledge in order to allow as many people as possible to participate in our experiences. We will start wit...
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Provider Management im Rahmen von Outtasking – Ein Bericht aus der Praxis

IT-Outtasking ist immer noch ein beliebtes Werkzeug im IT Management. Da diese Form des Outsourcings häufig genutzt wird, möchten wir mit Euch unsere Erfahrungen teilen. Wir versuchen in diesen Artikeln Praxiserfahrungen aus einer allgemeinen Sichtweise zu spiegeln, weniger die klassische Theorie beim Outsourcing oder Outtasking. Wir orientieren un...
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