We are TEAL, a young start-up doing system integration. And we want to embark on a unique journey with you, our fans, followers, friends, readers, future employees, editors and many, many more from the community who may not even know us today:

The journey to the first virtual IT consulting company in Germany

Our goal: We want to become a maximum attractive employer for you.

Our way: We go on a virtual journey with you and make ourselves extremely transparent on this journey. We take off our pants for you and present ourselves naked in the net. We want to be as close to you as no other company and therefore completely different.

Our plan: The TEAL way. We don't tell you what we offer, but we ask you what you want. This is our plan to become the most attractive employer out there for you in dialogue with you as a start-up in the field of IT consulting.

Benefits decreed ex cathedra? Not with us!

Let's take the many sung about benefits. Fresh fruit, soccer table in the office, home office, vacation days as desired and many of these things more. Everything good and beautiful. But do these benefits, which are quasi prescribed and not very unusual, make an employer really different and attractive today? And are these the additional benefits that you really want, that really correspond to your current and individual life situation?

We at TEAL want to go a different, completely new way in employer branding and communication with you as potential candidates. At TEAL, things are going in the opposite direction. You know much better than we do which working conditions and additional benefits are really attractive for you. That's why we need you.

At the end of our journey together with you, we want to be able to offer benefits which we have transparently discussed, weighed up and decided upon in the course of our nude journey in dialogue with the community of travel companions from fans, followers, friends, candidates, readers of the trade press and also representatives of the press themselves.

This is a completely new, experimental approach. It is the path TEAL wants to take in employer branding. This is the TEAL path.

On this path we need you

Our promise is: TEAL makes itself as transparent as possible - or, if you like it better, completely naked and lets the employer's trousers down. Our challenge is your chance to help shape the future. Therefore we need you, your knowledge, your input, your (challenges) demands, your wishes and visions.

Please flood us with comments on all available channels!

Think the unthinkable, tell us the unspeakable and together we will put down the so far unimaginable. Accompany us numerously on our journey. Share the invitation to our journey in your channels. We are firmly convinced that it will be very, very exciting and we hope that the servers will smoke and that our nude trip will be a viral experience for all of us. Be there! We are looking forward to this unique experiment.