As an IT consulting company specializing in infrastructure and cloud technologies, we were able to gain a lot of experience in the planning and implementation of IT projects for major clients. Through our blog, we want to pass on the acquired knowledge in order to allow as many people as possible to participate in our experiences.

We will start with the following three main topics and regularly publish articles alongside. The goal is to publish both strategy and technology-savvy articles. This means that on the one hand, we will show how the new technologies and work methods can be integrated into the existing enterprise architecture and culture. On the other hand, we will also showcase concrete solutions to problems from our projects

Cloud, container and DevOps methods
Cloud and container technologies fundamentally change the way applications are developed and operated. To gain the benefits of the new technology, companies must first overcome some challenges. For starters, there's the question of which applications can be converted into containers and/or operated in the cloud, but also how to sensibly manage and orchestrate cloud and container environments. We will focus primarily on Azure and Docker, but also on other products in the ecosystem.

Secure Administration Environment (based on Microsoft ESAE)

It is at least since MIMIKATZ and BLOODHOUND have become common tools to attack companies and uncover insecurities, that companies need to revise their existing administration concepts. In the area of ​​Active Directory, Microsoft has compiled a number of methods and tools with the offer Enhanced Secure Administration Environment (ESAE) which increase security in the Microsoft-based infrastructure enormously. We have already been able to gain concrete experiences in the design and implementation of ESAE like implementations in several customer projects and would like to publish them. A number of good document articles aries can currently be found on the internet on this, but most of them only scratch the surface. That's why we will pass on our knowledge bit by bit with the ESAE series.

TEAL Hands-On – lessons learned
In our projects, we repeatedly discover technical challenges that cannot be found in vendor documentation. These must then be solved in projects. To do this, we usually cooperate with technical experts from vendors or use our network of partners to solve the problems together. We want to share these experiences – the blog articles will usually be a bit shorter – but discuss a problem solution in great detail.

Getting in touch with you to discuss approaches and question is a major motivation for our blog. We'd like to invite you to leave comments or to simply contact us directly. We're excited about the blog project and are already looking forward to the responses.