Starting situation
The global pharmaceutical company with over 40,000 employees faced the challenge of modernising its SharePoint-based intranet system while reducing operating costs for the platform and the hosted third-party web applications. These goals were to be achieved by consolidating the platform into three modern private cloud data centres in Europe, the USA and Asia, as well as by outsourcing operations to the US and India.

TEAL supported the project in definition, validation and operations implementation of the business continuity processes based on NetApp Snap Manager and offering support with the introduction of measures to increase security. These measures involved a Privilege Access Management solution based on DELL TPAM in conjunction with RSA SecurID for two-factor authentication. Furthermore, the Windows systems were hardened using Microsoft Best Practices and special AppLocker guidelines.

By setting up and securing private cloud data centres, the basis for the managed intranet service could be successfully built up and put into operation. The intranet is now sustainable with a current Microsoft product stack and is used extensively by over 40,000 of their employees worldwide. The operations team in the USA and India ensures that the defined KPIs are met and user queries are resolved.