Starting situation
In order to be able to provide IT services to the specialist areas of the international insurance group with 40,000 employees faster, the company’s internal IT service provider set themselves the objective to accelerate the request fulfilment process and to reduce the error rate. The inconsistent service descriptions as well as the multiple media inconsistencies were identified as the source of the problems, complicating the co-operation with the external service provider who were fulfilling the process. By introducing a digital request fulfilment platform, these problems were to be solved.

TEAL supported the introduction of the request fulfilment platform based on ServiceNow (SaaS) substantially. We created the requirements analysis, developed a data protection and security concept and led the project management as well as the operational rollout.

The lead times of the orders were reduced significantly thanks to the new request fulfilment platform. TEAL facilitated the successful integration of the SaaS order platform into the existing landscape. This was successfully established as one of the first cloud solutions of the entire group.