Starting situation
The development team of a public data centre operator in Austria couldn’t focus its full capacity on the development of new features and products because, with each new build, it had to carry out numerous manual steps until the packages were developed, tested and deployed. To resolve this drawback, an automated testing and deployment pipeline was to be implemented.

TEAL employees developed a standardised, fully automated and monitored build environment based on Red Hat RPM and augmented by the products of GitLAB, Jenkins and Mock. A distributed GIT instance stores and manages the source code which can be automatically compiled in the build environment by Jenkins at any time. Subsequently, MOCK processes create and check new RPM packages in a rule-based manner which can then be rolled out to the target systems via Satellite.

The client is now able to use the capabilities of its development team more efficiently to further develop business applications. At the same time, the number of errors was reduced thanks to the fully automated processes and test procedures and the deployment time for new releases was significantly reduced.