Starting situation
In order to increase the customer functionality of the largest IP TV solution in Germany with nearly 2 million customers even further, the provider decided to implement a new version of the Microsoft IP TV solution. Along with the new release, the basic infrastructure was to be extended, modernized and to be brought up to the current software version.

TEAL supported the modernisation of the infrastructure by upgrading the server operating systems as well as their management systems (system centre configuration, operations, and data protection manager) in several environments with a total of over 1,000 servers. Furthermore, a modern certificate infrastructure, secured by HSM modules, was implemented and transferred to operations.

Thanks to the comprehensive infrastructure modernisation project, the basis was created to operate the new version of the IP TV solution securely, steadily and at a high performance. After the successful launch of the new version, the provider was able to offer their customers mobile access for the first time as well as an enhanced video-on-demand platform with many new and enhanced features.