Top News: secIT 2024 in Hannover

From March 6 – 7, we will be at secIT in Hannover together with our partner company FB Pro GmbH. At our stand 58 in the Eilenriedehalle, everything will revolve around the topic of system hardening. In addition, we will be holding a deep dive session on March 6 from 2:30 – 3:30 p.m. on the topic “Protect instead of react – Why system hardening is the first step to securing your IT”. There will be 20 free places available. You can find more information in the program.


Your trust in us as Trusted Advisor for Infrastructure Security

has a color and a name TEAL

Teal is the blue-green color of the Eurasian green-winged teal duck and is considered a symbol of loyalty. Business philosopher Frederic Laloux introduced the term TEAL for organizational structures in his book “Reinventing Organizations”. Hierarchy is out, self-organization is in.


TEAL stands for a new way of managing companies by breaking down traditional corporate structures and creating space through loose structures so that everyone can develop their potential. Everyone is invited to participate in shaping the company.


TEAL Technology Consulting GmbH was founded in early 2017 by Manuel Hoffmann, Fabian Böhm and Alexander Schmitt. Many years of professional experience in a large, global consulting company with a focus on large customer projects with Microsoft technologies form the basis on which we are building our company.

Today the TEAL team consists of several highly specialized employees at the headquarters in Düsseldorf. The main focus of the consulting services for companies in Germany is the security of the Microsoft Active Directory through the Secure Administration Environment (SAE) and the infrastructure level through the Secure Core Infrastructure (SCI).


Our Secure Administration Environment (SAE) builds on Microsoft’s Enhanced Security Administration Environment (ESAE) and continues to evolve this design concept. This prevents attackers from penetrating your network and secures your entire infrastructure. TEAL is your trusted advisor for all your information security needs.

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core competencies

Secure base infrastructure and administration environments for a secure digital identity.

Secure Administration Environment (SAE)

Effectively protect all identities from potential attacks such as credential theft, pass-the-hash, and pass-the-ticket attacks through a secure administrative environment with multiple layers of protection.

Secure Core Infrastructure (SCI)

Securely run essential infrastructure services such as virtualization, patch management, software distribution, and configuration and process automation.

products & services

TEAL transforms: We no longer want to pass on our accumulated experience and know-how in the area of Microsoft infrastructure and Active Directory security exclusively in the form of project implementations, but as a provider of special solutions we want to continuously increase the security in customer environments. As a full managed service provider, we support you with highly efficient solutions. With these offerings, we consolidate our consulting portfolio and bring our own solutions to our customers.

No chance

for data thieves

Hackers today are highly professional. On average, a corporate network breach goes unnoticed for 170 days. 70 percent of attackers attempt to gain access to networks using stolen or fraudulent identities, then use lateral movement to obtain additional user credentials to gain access to highly privileged accounts.


Data theft costs German companies an average of 4.3 million euros and more: their reputation.


The reputational damage is often even greater than the material damage. Organizations are well advised to secure their IT infrastructure and educate their employees about potential threats such as social engineering and phishing.

Our Secure Administration Environment (SAE) delivery model is flexible and adapts to the customer’s maturity level.


With a fixed-price Active Directory assessment, we can empower your administrators, review your inventory, analyze your environment, and deliver quick wins. If you have already implemented initial measures, we can build on these and continue with targeted consulting.


IT security is a complex topic, which is why we emphasize regular training and education. We train your administrators and show you how SAE can help you manage your critical business systems.



Instead of a traditional waterfall model, we see the four phases of providing a secure administrative environment as a continuous process:



These are just a few of the best practices where TEAL has helped harden, protect and streamline customers’ systems and IT infrastructure.

  • IT service provider insurance – Secure Global Authentication Platform (based on ESAE)

    The internationally active insurance group with 40,000 employees wants to improve cooperation between the individual Group companies and make greater use of global services.

  • International commercial vehicle manufacturer - Secure administration of the Active Directory landscape

    A leading international commercial vehicle manufacturer with over 30,000 employees was faced with the challenge of implementing a comprehensive strategy program to realign its IT infrastructure and increase IT security.

  • Public data centre operator – Linux RPM build pipeline

    The development team of a public data centre operator in Austria couldn’t focus its full capacity on the development of new features and products because, with each new build, it had to carry out numerous manual steps until the packages were developed, tested and deployed.

  • Telco Group – Infrastructure modernisation

    In order to increase the customer functionality of the largest IP TV solution in Germany with nearly 2 million customers even further, the provider decided to implement a new version of the Microsoft IP TV solution.

  • Global pharmaceutical company – private cloud

    The global pharmaceutical company with over 40,000 employees faced the challenge of modernising its SharePoint-based intranet system while reducing operating costs for the platform and the hosted third-party web applications.

  • IT service provider insurance – Implementation of Linux

    As part of a major strategy program, the international insurance group with 40,000 employees restructured its IT portfolio.


career opportunities

Career at TEAL – that also means “your very own career”!

We are TEAL – a young start-up company and consulting firm for IT infrastructure and security based in Düsseldorf – and invite capable professionals

to join us on a unique journey.

All that awaits you at TEAL:

Permanent contract

Holiday: 30 days/year

Training: 10 days/year

Flexible working time models incl. home office option and sabbaticals

Cleaning aid for your home office

Regular feedback and coaching

We reward it when our colleagues accomplish other tasks, in addition to their main project.

Subsidy for Internet connection

Payment of travel costs and expenses (incl. tax from the 4th month onwards)

Regular meetings at one location and 4 team events per year (virtual or real)

Referral bonus