We maintain close partnerships in order to constantly expand our know-how

Partnership is one of

our core values

By this we do not only mean the partnership with our customers and employees but also with other companies. Our experience shows that no company, no matter how large, can fully cover all the needs of its customers. The logical consequence of this is for us to build up a reliable partner network. Below you can find our partners with whom we have already worked successfully.

Our Partners


SpecterOps has a unique view of the cyber attacker mindset and brings the highest caliber and most experienced resources to enhance your security measures. Their product BloodHound Enterprise is an attack path management solution that continuously maps and quantifies Active Directory attack paths.

FB Pro GmbH

FB Pro GmbH offers IT security as a strategic and measurable goal and is your partner for the secure configuration (“system hardening”) of IT systems and infrastructures. The preventive measure of system hardening effectively reduces the attack surface of IT systems. This ensures proactive protection against cyber attacks.

Trovent Security GmbH

Attack detection, vulnerability management, penetration tests and more: we reliably secure the IT infrastructure of medium-sized companies. The Trovent team is always on hand to help. Because for our customers, we are not just a service provider, but a long-term partner at eye level.

Allianz für Cyber-Sicherheit

TEAL is a participant of the Allianz für Cyber-Sicherheit, an initiative launched by the BSI in 2012 to strengthen Germany against cyber attacks. As a platform for cooperation with business, politics, research and science as well as other institutions, the Alliance offers a wide range of information.


SkillByte embodies digital excellence. The small but highly specialized team of digitalization experts is passionate about developing innovative software solutions. Through precision and creativity, they create real digital added value, always at the cutting edge of technology. SkillByte is not just a provider, but a partner on your digital journey.

Lore & Aide Consulting

Thanks to their many years of experience within the various market segments, the experts at Lore & Aide Consulting are a reliable partner when it comes to designing strategically important IT projects. Thanks to their integrated consulting approach, they offer their clients customized consulting solutions that meet every challenge.