Identity is the New Perimeter

We help you protect your identities and privileged accounts

Better protection through our

Secure Administration Environment

Cyber attacks are becoming more and more perfidious. If hackers have entered the network via phishing or careless employees, they try to gain access to administrator accounts via lateral movements.


TEAL’s Secure Administration Environment (SAE), based on Microsoft’s Enhanced Security Administration Environment (ESAE), uses a range of technologies and procedures to create a multi-layered protection system for your company’s digital identities. A tier model classifies your systems and effectively secures each tier’s privileged accounts based on the required level of protection.

We can identify, inhibit, contain and track dangers such as identity theft through lateral movement.


In a targeted workshop (Active Directory Assessment), we impart knowledge about possible attack surfaces in your company and the associated defensive measures.


Components of the assessment are creating know-how among your employees, analyzing the existing environment, creating an implementation roadmap, and many other things.

Technologies and


Making data breaches more difficult due to

Credential Guard


Increased physical data center security

OS update

Patch Process Optimization

Security Baseline GPOs



Detecting attacks by

Azure Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)

SIEM rules for real-time alerting

Audit Policies


Complicating lateral movement by

Admin Tiering (account separation)

Privilege Access Management

Local Admin Password Solution (LAPS)

Fine grained password policies



Your contact for

Secure Administration Environment
(SAE) is our managing director Fabian Böhm.



These are just a few of the best practices where TEAL has helped harden, protect and streamline customers’ systems and IT infrastructure.

IT service provider insurance – Secure Global Authentication Platform (based on ESAE)


The internationally active insurance group with 40,000 employees wants to improve cooperation between the individual Group companies and make greater use of global services.

International commercial vehicle manufacturer – Secure administration of the Active Directory landscape


A leading international commercial vehicle manufacturer with over 30,000 employees was faced with the challenge of implementing a comprehensive strategy program to realign its IT infrastructure and increase IT security. 



Instead of a traditional waterfall model, we see the four phases of providing a secure administrative environment as a continuous process:

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