TEAL Hackathon 2019 - TEAL Technology Consulting GmbH
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TEAL Hackathon 2019

Already some time ago we started with our Naked TEAL campaign an initiative to remain one of the most attractive employers in consulting. A cornerstone of this journey is to hear what is important to our team and potential applicants and to actively involve our employees in the decision-making process. Among other things, we were faced with the question of how we work together and grow together as a team. Since we are at home all over Germany and often support our customers on site, it is a challenge to establish a close relationship and get to know each other through virtual meetings, chats and video calls only. That’s why we have worked with our employees to define a model for regular meetings and exchanges. We meet three times a year in a colleague’s home town and first spend the afternoon and evening in a team activity. The next day, we meet again and work together on internal topics that advance us as a company. Once a year we also do a week’s hackathon. The fact that we continuously analyse and adapt our cooperation model shows, for example, that we also meet once a month in our Düsseldorf headquarters and work remotely for our customers. A joint lunch or a well-earned drink at the end of the working day is of course not to be missed. In September it was time for our first TEAL Hackathon. To make the week as pleasant as possible, we went into the sun to Mallorca, where we could relax in a secluded villa and fully concentrate on our work. You can see in the video below that the fun didn’t come too short.

So having fun at work was our motto – but what were we going to do in Mallorca?

In the future we will offer an ESAE training for Active Directory administrators. The training will contain a lot of hands-on exercises and our customer experiences and will inform the administrator about the attack techniques, mitigations and their targeted use. The aim of the hackathon was to lay the foundation both in terms of content and technology. We spent a week working on the various aspects in dynamic teams. The result was very good, not only did we define all training content, but we also developed a fully automated Active Directory Lab provisioning in Azure, AWS or on-prem with Hyper-V. But more about this in another blog post in the next few days. Just that much can be revealed, Terraform and PowerShell are very, very useful. But now to our video and the impressions of the first TEAL Hackathon! 😊

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