IT-Consulting Traineeship - Growing the next generation of cybersecurity experts
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IT-Consulting Traineeship – Growing the next generation of cybersecurity experts

Cybersecurity – the new “great game”

Following a huge increase in cyberattacks on companies across a range of industries and sectors worldwide, the issue of cybersecurity is coming to the fore – not least because of the Corona pandemic and the remote employee options it has brought. Companies are increasingly recognizing that they need to protect themselves against this trend and take appropriate action. We, too, are rising to the challenge of growing customer demand and increasing project numbers by seeking to train young talent in the IT security segment.

After a successful pilot phase, we at TEAL (Trusted Advisor in all matters related to information security) have decided to offer a 12-month traineeship to IT enthusiasts who want to jump-start their career, including a permanent contract and the perspective of long-term employment at TEAL.

This first step allows our trainees to be trained in areas such as Information Security Architecture, Infrastructure Assessments, Windows Active Directory and Windows Management Systems. In this phase, the young professionals will be able to play a significant role in our projects in medium-sized and large companies and fully exploit their own potential and strengths.

We are looking for curious and motivated colleagues to join our mission to shape the future of cybersecurity.

We support you in continuously expanding your expertise. Your colleagues are always ready to answer questions and will work with you to further develop our company.

What awaits you in the traineeship

Our training runs for twelve months, partly from the home office, but also partly on-site with customers, through different phases, the intensity of which adapts to your competencies until the end of the traineeship and prepares you perfectly to be able to join us. Each of the four phases is precisely tailored to show you how you can develop your strengths, your know-how and also your expertise with us and how you can ultimately take on your perfect role with us 💪. Of course, you will receive a fair starting salary at the beginning, which will develop further after the trainee program.

1. Step: Onboarding

The first phase is onboarding. Here, you will be given some time to get acquainted with the company structure and get to know your colleagues. Your mentor will also introduce you to our company philosophy. The collaboration tools we work with will be explained to you by a mentor from our ranks and you will get to know our customers (projects). Who has which role in our company will become clear to you very quickly, because we are a small but solid start-up company.

After onboarding, the trainee program is based on three pillars: camp training, on-the-job training and regular feedback rounds between trainee and mentor.

2. Step: Campustraining

The parallel block of our traineeship is the campus training. Here you will be taught the soft skills that you need as an IT consultant. But also the technology we work with. External trainings and internal trainings are also part of the program to make you fit for the Microsoft world, of course always with the support of your colleagues Joachim and Tobias, the two Microsoft Pros at our company. In addition, we offer you the opportunity to apply what you have learned in internal projects, e.g. in our test environment.

Your communication skills and the desire to familiarize yourself with new topics are especially important to us. Teamwork and self-organization are also very important to us. We are a small, but very well coordinated team.

That’s why we also get together at least 4 times a year to celebrate what we have achieved for our clients and ourselves. Legendary parties? Hackathon on the beach in Mallorca? Or relaxed sightseeing with a beer garden afterwards somewhere in Germany? You have to experience it for yourself 😉 …

Benefits for an optimal work-life balance

Flexible and self-organized work, but also the ability to combine private and professional life is very important to us – work-life balance is therefore a top priority for us. We always find the best way together. In doing so, you will also benefit from a number of benefits, such as:

● A permanent employment contract 30 days of vacation instead of the legally required 20 days
● Allowance for your internet costs and a cleaning service at home
● Time off and flexible working hours
● Continuing education, training and education courses
● Full reimbursement of travel expenses Team events with all colleagues
● Referral bonus for new reinforcements in the team
● And much more

3. Step: Training on the job

As part of the “Training on the Job”, you will work for the first time in a customer assignment and can work with a colleague on a current project and contribute your ideas. You will be accompanied by one of our senior consultants and can thus gain your first experience of the varied life in consulting. Your mentor will also be there to advise you and support you with questions and problems. This gives YOU the time and space to grow into the role of a consultant.

4. Step: Feedback

One focus of the trainee program is the regular feedback rounds between trainee and mentor. This gives us the opportunity to jointly develop a culture that takes into account the personal working styles of the trainees as well as the wishes of our customers. Of course, there are always one-to-one meetings in between to discuss your further development. Together with the management and your mentor, we will discuss your future prospects with us – and of course we will pay close attention to your wishes. Of course, you won’t be left alone after your traineeship; your colleagues will always have an open ear.

Many other exciting and creative challenges await you!

Or, as our fully trained IT consultant Linus says: “Here we don’t just talk – here we do!” ✌️

FAQ about the traineeship

What specific prior knowledge do I need?

Either a technical education or a degree, for example in (business) informatics, is recommended. Training as an IT specialist is also ideal. A certain degree of communication skills is also an advantage. However, the most important thing is your motivation to familiarize yourself with new topics and to keep up to date with the latest technical developments. If you have this, that’s half the battle 😎.

Which costs are covered (e.g. travel expenses or internet costs)?

You don’t have to pay anything in advance – we cover all travel expenses from the front door to the customer or to other events such as training courses and external training. We also cover a large part of your internet costs.

How do I get equipment for my home office?

Don’t worry, we take care of everything you need in your home office or even on the road. And the best: We leave you a large design budget to equip your home office according to your wishes with laptop, monitor and more.

What about customer contact and travel?

As an IT Consultant, it is also possible that you will be on-site at the client’s location three to four days a week to drive project work. However, due to the current situation and the shift towards remote work and working purely from home, we are not currently working at the customer’s site.

Share the TEAL story with you

Our goal is to introduce young talents to the topics of consulting and IT security and to promote individual working styles. You will be supported and trained by our colleagues at all levels!

To lead a company to success, teams have to work together and make decisions.

If you want to be able to move things and help shape them, instead of just working according to instructions, then apply to us and share it with others. We need personalities like you, your knowledge, your input, your (challenges), your wishes and visions. Whatever you want from your dream employer, we will try to make possible with you and for you.

Not only do you apply to us, we also apply to you!


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Ein Beitrag geteilt von TEAL Technology Consulting (@tealconsulting)


Sieh dir diesen Beitrag auf Instagram an


Ein Beitrag geteilt von TEAL Technology Consulting (@tealconsulting)