Growing cyber security company is hiring: IT consulting with travel benefit
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Growing cyber security company is hiring: IT consulting with travel benefit

IT consultants watch out 📣 ! We are hiring and looking for new interested colleagues in the area of IT-Consulting Active Directory.

The demand of small, medium and large enterprises for cybersecurity solutions has increased significantly in Germany in recent months. This is not least due to the fact that since the beginning of the pandemic 300 percent more cybercrime has been recorded worldwide than in previous years.

Growing universal challenge – reaching the goal with TEAL

Our team consists of highly specialized employees who help our customers improve their IT security every day. But finding experts in the field of IT security is very difficult these days. That’s why we first show you who we are: Our company stands for first-class consulting in the cloud and data center environment. We have many years of experience in national and international projects for large corporations and medium-sized businesses. We are a self-organizing company based on the values of integrity and partnership. Questioning processes is not only part of our service portfolio, but also part of good manners.

In recent years, we have become increasingly focused and specialized in Active Directory and infrastructure security. You as IT Security Consultant:in would analyze the existing infrastructure and Active Directory of our customers, support them with architectural improvements and also implement them together with our customers and our team. We also offer you the opportunity to perform our own Active Directory Security Assessment for new & existing customers and to support them in the design and implementation of the Enforce Suite.

Flexibility & home office for the perfect work-life balance

One of the main reasons for quitting a consulting job is the associated travel across Germany or abroad and the challenge of balancing this with private life and family. For us, one thing is very important: the balance between work and private life of our colleagues! During the last 1.5 years of the pandemic, we were not only able to observe the development towards remote work, but also to experience it first-hand. Our customers and we had to face the situation and reduce our usual travel to customers to zero. Together with the customers, we adjusted very quickly and well to the pure home office activity and found a balanced cooperation to realize projects smoothly remotely.

Lisa, Andreas and Christian (from right) at the last team event in Heidelberg at the beginning of October 2021.

For this reason, we dared to adapt our company structure to the given conditions and move with the changing times. Now we can offer our entire team the ability to work from anywhere at any time and communicate with clients via collaboration tools. This is an incredible bonus for the work-life balance of our colleagues, which is also contractually fixed with us. We only keep two weeks per quarter open to act on site at the customer, to discuss the next steps of the projects and to make personal exchange possible. After all, interpersonal relationships are also of great importance and we also get together as a team once a quarter.

For many people, working in a home office makes everyday life easier and you don’t have to go to the office – but we also have an office in Düsseldorf where you can work at any time. We also offer you ten weekdays per year for on-site and off-site training, a company credit card and coverage of all travel expenses. As a small relief for the time spent in the home office, we also give you an allowance for cleaning assistance and for the Internet connection. In addition, you will receive a technical equipment budget of €3,000.

As already mentioned, round about four times a year we come together as a team to work on internal topics and celebrate what we have achieved for our customers and ourselves, with a great dinner or even a hackathon on the beach in Mallorca 😎… Thanks to a good hygiene concept, we were able to start again in the last quarter and spend a few great brainstorming days together, hopefully next time already with you in the team.

In a nutshell: We combine the flexibility of the remote office with team spirit. Nobody is left alone with us, we always have an open ear for questions or new ideas. Therefore, togetherness and good self-organization are also very important virtually.

We have created the following range of advantages and benefits to support everyday life and our company philosophy:

The tasks & requirements at our company in detail

As a technical expert, you help our customers make decisions and lead each project to a successful conclusion. In addition, you advise our customers on specific data center technologies and implement the corresponding measures on your own responsibility. Furthermore, you conduct detailed workshops at the customer’s site – in parallel, you are already working on convincing proposals for new projects.

You have profound knowledge in Active Directory Architecture & Security and also knowledge in the fields of automation and scripting (Powershell)? That’s exactly what we are looking for! You are also familiar with Microsoft IAM and security technologies (ADFS, MIM, PKI, Threat Analytics) and ideally have know-how in other Microsoft infrastructure technologies such as Windows Server, Hyper-V and System Center and are interested in current tech trends, independent of individual manufacturers? Then nothing stands in your way of a career with our team.

As the icing on the cake, you will continuously expand your expertise with us. Your colleagues will always have your back if you have any questions, so that we can continue to develop as a company.

Promotion of your individual career

We make all decisions together with the team. Unlike traditional large companies and consulting firms, we do not have internal levels or performance processes in which you compete against each other. It is particularly important to us that each employee can develop individually. To this end, we agree on an annual training plan for external courses or visits to trade fairs. Coaching discussions are also a focal point.

First and foremost, it is important to promote your personal career and to create a pleasant working atmosphere in our company, in which you can realize your potential, apply your know-how and develop yourself in all topics that will help you advance and strengthen your interests.a

Quick-FAQ about the job as IT-Consultant at TEAL

What about customer contact and travel?

For us, one thing is very important: the balance between the professional and private lives of our colleagues! We keep only two weeks per quarter open to act on site at the customer, to discuss the next steps of the projects and to make personal exchange possible. After all, interpersonal relationships are also of great importance and we as a team also get together once a quarter.

Which costs are covered (e.g. travel expenses or internet costs)?

You don’t have to pay anything in advance – we cover all travel expenses from the front door to the customer or to other events such as training courses and external training. We also cover a large portion of your Internet costs.

How do I get equipment for my home office?

Don’t worry, we take care of everything you need in your home office or on the road. And best of all: We leave you a design budget of €3,000 to equip your home office according to your wishes.

Continue the TEAL story with you

Our goal is to continue to promote all talents in the areas of consulting and IT security. You will be supported by our colleagues at all levels!

To lead a company to success, teams have to work together and make decisions.

If you want to be able to move things and help shape them, instead of just working according to instructions, then apply to us and be happy to share it with others. We need personalities like you, your knowledge, your input, your (challenges), your wishes and visions. Whatever you want from your dream employer, we will try to make possible with you and for you.

Not only do you apply to us, we also apply to you!

Our three CEOs: Fabian, Alexander & Manuel (f.l.)