Canyon Bicycles

Canyon is one of the most innovative bicycle brands in the world. What once began in the garage of founder Roman Arnold has grown over the years to become the world’s largest direct-to-consumer manufacturer of racing bikes, mountain bikes, triathlon bikes and city and trekking bikes.


Canyon has earned its literally excellent reputation as an innovative company through the consistent use of advanced materials, ideas and technology. Canyon’s characteristic, elegant and modern design language is unmistakable and stands out from the crowd. In addition to the pure joy of competition and the continual drive for growth, Canyon strives to make the global cycling community accessible to everyone. Canyon supports some of the best athletes on the planet. The shared mission, “Inspire to Ride”, illustrates the aspiration to inspire people for the fascinating world of cycling.


As part of a comprehensive program, several changes were made within the IT organization of Canyon GmbH. The aim of the “AD Redesign” sub-project was to revise the Active Directory Domain Services and eliminate existing vulnerabilities. Canyon commissioned TEAL to support the AD redesign project and ensure a comprehensive improvement in IT security.


TEAL’s security experts work closely with those responsible at Canyon, always with the aim of implementing the principles of the Microsoft “securing privilege access” approach and adapting it to the customer’s needs in the best possible way. In addition to a fundamental assessment of system criticality and the division of assets into different protection classes, classic on-prem methods such as privilege administration workstations were combined and optimized with modern processes from the Azure cloud. The effective reduction of the attack surface on server systems through system hardening is also an integral part of the collaboration.


We really enjoy working together as partners. Together, we were able to secure Canyon’s infrastructure and prepare for the challenges of the future.