The TEAL Annual Review 2021
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The TEAL Annual Review 2021

Well, where to start when thinking about 2021 at the end of the year? As we all know, another year marked by Corona lay behind us, in which many people had to overcome professional or private hurdles that could not have been imagined two years ago. We at TEAL can also say: There was a lot going on in the past months – and that was not only due to the pandemic. In this article, however, we would like to focus on the positive events from 2021 and show how we have adapted and evolved. We look forward to taking you along for the ride during our 2021 Year in Review.

The heart of TEAL

For us, the heart of our company is for sure our team of valuable and highly qualified colleagues. That’s why we naturally begin our review at this point. In total, we have expanded our team this year with nine new colleagues. The know-how and the strengths of each individual are a great fit for the team and our philosophy – everyone has settled in quickly and we don’t want to miss anyone anymore. With the colleagues Andreas, Andrzej, Lisa, Florian & Kevin we have further strengthened our marketing, HR and consultant roles and made them strong for the coming year.

2021 was also a year where we launched our twelve-month trainee program with a pilot project, giving young talent the opportunity to make a name for themselves in the world of cybersecurity and gain valuable experience.

This step will allow our current and upcoming trainees to receive extensive and targeted training in the areas of information security architecture, infrastructure assessments, Windows Active Directory and Windows management systems.

Andreas Möller, IT consultant and project manager, with his twenty years of experience in the IT industry, has been assigned a central role in this process, that of mentor to new trainees.

The first two trainee colleagues, Linus and Ulf, started with us in February and May respectively and successfully completed the IT Security Trainee Program including numerous Microsoft & soft skills trainings. And in the second iteration, which started in September, Dominik and Robin have already joined the team and made their first steps towards becoming IT consultants. In the coming year, we will continue to upgrade our trainee and consultant collegues and want to start into a strong year 2022.

Digital or real team events & fairs

Digital or real? Not a question for us. In the last two years at the latest, everyone has become even more aware of how important the health of family, friends and colleagues is to us. For this reason, we have also followed the suggestions of the German government and held our quarterly team events predominantly in digital form. Of course, we had hoped for something different, but nevertheless no one was able to take away the fun of teamwork and joint virtual game evenings.

However, we were able to spend the first real three-day event after about two years together in Heidelberg at the beginning of October and work on many internal topics in the group. We, as well as many other companies, hope to be able to hold more physical events again soon and thus grow together even more as a team, as well as to be able to expand the networks at real trade fairs again in personal conversations.

Digital customer consulting of tomorrow already today

As a result of the pandemic, the consulting world has also predominantly moved into the digital realm, opening new doors. Even we could not really imagine IT consulting and services being almost 100% virtual in 2019.

We were not only able to observe the development towards remote work, but also to experience it first-hand. Our customers and we had to adjust to the unfamiliar situation and reduce our colleagues’ usual travel to customers to zero. However, together with the customers we very quickly agreed on the pure home office activity and found a balanced cooperation in order to realize projects smoothly remotely.

For this reason, we dared to adapt our company structure to the given conditions and move with the changing times. As of this year, we can also contractually guarantee our entire team the ability to work from anywhere at any time and communicate with clients via collaboration tools. Travel time is limited to a maximum of two weeks per quarter. An incredible bonus for the work-life balance of our colleagues. Of course, we want to continue to keep open the possibility of operating on-site at the customer’s location after the pandemic, in order to make personal exchange possible during initial meetings, Next Steps or Milestones. Interpersonal relationships are also of great importance.

Customers & Roadmap

This year, we were again able to further strengthen long-term customer relationships and acquire exciting new customers. Our consulting approach, as a “trusted advisor” helping our customers to create sustainable improvements in the IT security environment, is paying off.

In addition to our traditional consulting activities, we were also able to put our products and assets to work for several customers.

Speaking of products! This year, we expanded the existing security assessment to include a PKI audit. Here, too, we have invested a lot of time and know-how in recent months. With the two new products TEAL Audit Proof (TAP) and the Enforce Suite, we have added two central solutions to our portfolio and have already started the first POCs in customer projects.

Digression: With TAP you can quickly and easily generate a compliance overview of your client/server systems. Easily generated HTML reports give you transparency about compliance compared to common industry standards, such as CIS or BSI. In this way, configuration gaps can be reliably found and eliminated – effective hardening analysis with little effort.

With the Enforce Suite, we offer a comprehensive enterprise security solution for continuous monitoring of your clients and servers. With the central management tool Enforce Suite, you configure hardening policies according to common industry standards and monitor compliance with them. We support you during the implementation of Enforce Suite and optionally manage your Enforce solution professionally with our managed service offering. 

In order to continue to provide our customers with the best possible advice, we will again be launching a major internal training initiative for all colleagues at the beginning of 2022. Because, as we all know, there’s no end to learning. About a week ago, our consultants already successfully completed the ITIL 4 certification, which forms an excellent practical and flexible basis for supporting companies on their way into the new world of digital transformation. A perfect basis for diving deeper into the cloud topic and expanding our security know-how there as well.

This year we have successfully implemented many projects together and worked out individualized solutions & concepts.

Therefore, in this post we would like to say thank you to our customers and partners. Thank you for the successful cooperation so far and the given trust in our team.

We wish you happy holidays, a reflective celebration and a happy new year!